Adapting to homeschooling when you have other events going on

To All My Super Moms, please read: I hope to inspire and encourage you..

I commend and I admire each and every teacher. I have had the opportunity to deal with many personalities since homeschooling and self quarantined started.

My day usually starts at 6am, getting the kids dressed, fixing breakfast, and off to school with dad drop offs. Then there's my time to focus and prepare for my day. Depending on the day of week, we might not get home until 8pm, then it's checking hom...ework and cooking a meal. Lastly, I'm making sure everyone has bath and lights out for them. At 10pm, I am still up preparing for the next day.

Since, quarantine and homeschooling the kids it's even busier, I'm a teacher of 3: teaching throughout the day, I'm the cook for lunch, I'm the cleaner, wiping down and cleaning the spills, I'm responding to emails and taking calls for work and I'm helping the hubby with his tasks if needed.

However, I made it to the month of April 2020, which is a little over two months of homeschooling.

All this to say, while I thought this entire system was going to be a disaster, it was actually delightful. I am getting to actually see what my kids do in the class, they actually get to eat lunch that they like, so at the end of day, they not screaming I'm hungry and they have the opportunity to nap in the confines of their own room.

So, to all the Mothers, I hope your quarantine time has been as eventful as mine and if not let's chat. I will give you ways I have dealt and/or dealing with helping my kids. Let's continue to encourage each other during this social distance.

Remember to be safe. Stay home if you feel sick. Wash those hands. I am here to assist if I can.😘😘
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